[aprssig] A new player (APRS-IS is doing fine, no panic...)

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Mon Mar 10 12:13:26 EDT 2014

Unfortunately, APRS-IS is not an Internet-only network and this idea of "push out historical packets" adversely affects RF, too.  Anybody remember the recent posts regarding a digi dumping telemetry on RF causing the frequency to become unusable?  If you remember that APRS-IS interconnects amateur radio RF networks, then all discussions about "it isn't hurting APRS-IS" become mute because they are adversely affecting RF networks (yes, you -must- assume that any packets seen on APRS-IS are also being gated to RF somewhere in the world).

This is a software bug and a lack of understanding by the author regarding APRS-IS and the -fact- that any flood of packets to APRS-IS can also be flooding an RF channel somewhere.  Unfortunately, when the focus is on APRS-IS, that fact is often overlooked or ignored.  No, it is not the job of the APRS-IS servers which are owned by many people independently world-wide to filter packets from malevolent software.  In fact, because of this diversity of server sysops, it is impossible for servers to be that "police".


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> First, it seems to me that the APRS-IS is doing fine. The spikes are currently
> only doubling the IS stream traffic, which is not a huge
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