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But do we really have to block _every_ user of the software? Hessu said that there is a fix, so presumably these offending stations haven't upgraded to the fix. Can we block those stations alone until they upgrade? Or block based on a minimum acceptable version number of the software?

In general, does that blocking ability exist in the APRS-IS server code now, or is it a new feature that would have to be added?

Andrew Pavlin, KA2DDO
author of a client program with blacklisting ability, to wit, YAAC
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Clearly this is a situation which may need the "big hammer" approach. Ban
all APRX stuff until the programmer responds with a fix and offending
players have their problem fixed. Plain and simple, you made the contact and
there was an attitude that it wasn't his problem then that's MORE than ample
reason to shut down all APRX access. His users will take care of the rest
when their data isn't going anywhere.

I'd encourage you to do it now, no apologies. Protecting the IS stream has
to be your first priority for the sake of those who depend upon it.

73 de Jim, KU0G

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> Quite honestly, it seems like the APRS-IS core servers should detect this
kind of thing and throttle propagation to protect themselves.

It is impossible to predict all the ways programmers could screw up. In the
17-odd years of the APRS-IS, no programmer has made a blunder that flooded
the system the way this one does. The blame does not belong on the APRS-IS,
it belongs with this programmer, and his attitude after being notified of
the bug by myself 1.5 months ago. His attitude was essentially the same as
this same comment. I disagree heartily. This is an aprx bug, and it is up to
Matti to not just fix the bug, but to contact his users and let them know
this is a critical update.

But if this continues to be a problem the only answer may be to blacklist
aprx data. I'd hate to have it come to that, because the losers are the aprx
users who are innocent in all this.

Steve K4HG

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