[aprssig] 9k6 Packet SDR

Andre aprs at pe1rdw.demon.nl
Fri Mar 7 08:06:57 EST 2014

op 07-03-14 00:23, Chris Moulding schreef:
> Yes, it's quite easy to run a SDR receiver for APRS for VHF 1200 bd or 
> 9600 bd or HF use with 300 bd AX.25 or APRS over digimodes with APRS 
> Messenger.
> You can move the received audio over a virtual soundcard to Dire Wolf 
> or UZ7HO sound modem with Virtual Audio Cable or VB-Audio virtual cable.
> One thing to consider is the latency through the SDR program and the 
> virtual soundcard. It another station with a conventional receiver 
> receives the same APRS packet it might igate it before your SDR 
> station. If you like comparing station stats on APRS.FI or similar 
> then it may give a misleading indication of performance.
> Regards,
> Chris, G4HYG
The delay might actualy be a good thing, a recieve only igate can't gate 
messages back so should never get priorety over a normal igate.

73 Andre PE1RDW

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