[aprssig] 9k6 Packet SDR

Chris Moulding chrism at crosscountrywireless.net
Thu Mar 6 18:23:02 EST 2014

Yes, it's quite easy to run a SDR receiver for APRS for VHF 1200 bd or 
9600 bd or HF use with 300 bd AX.25 or APRS over digimodes with APRS 

You can move the received audio over a virtual soundcard to Dire Wolf or 
UZ7HO sound modem with Virtual Audio Cable or VB-Audio virtual cable.

One thing to consider is the latency through the SDR program and the 
virtual soundcard. It another station with a conventional receiver 
receives the same APRS packet it might igate it before your SDR station. 
If you like comparing station stats on APRS.FI or similar then it may 
give a misleading indication of performance.


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