[aprssig] [APRS] APRS CQ FD tomorrow!

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Not a competition:  CQSRVR=calling CQ, ANSRVR=Announcements.  2 different purposes.  For something like Field Day where your intent is to call CQ, CQSRVR makes sense.  For events where you want to announce information, ANSRVR makes sense.


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> Yes, there is a difference between ANSRVR and CQSRVR and no, they are not
> connected together.
> CQSRVR is the original server and is designed for calling "CQ" and then
> listening for a while.  It has a limit on how frequently you can send a message
> to the group and requires that you must send a message to remain a
> member of the group to receive messages.
> ANSRVR is the new server and is designed for sending announcements to an
> interested group.  There is (currently) no limit on how frequently you can
> send a message to the group (designed for multi-message information
> passing aka announcements) and there is a feature to allow quietly
> monitoring a group (renewing your group membership without sending a
> message).
> Bob seems to forget that ANSRVR exists and falls back to his original CQSRVR
> documentation, although besides the differences above, they both accept
> the same commands.  I monitor ANSRVR's FD year-round, but try to
> remember to join CQSRVR's FD group on field day only.
> Oh, and they both should have ack'd your CQ FD.  Which one didn't?

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