[aprssig] APRS-IS vs. FireNet

Max Harper kg4pid at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 25 11:38:48 EDT 2014

That answers most of my questions. But I had never read anything like that before and I have searched for info many times. I've been igateing packets through FireNet for months now and the only things that don't work is messages and the recently heard list just like you said, but igateing INTO FireNet works fine. So if I connect to ......

A. APRS-IS I get full igate support but can't get the extra NWS watches and advisories..
B. FireNet I can get the NWS watches, warnings and advisories (and other stuff if I want it) but limited igate support.

So there is no way to have an igate with full messaging capability AND transmit NWS watches, warnings and advisories, Is that correct. Why don't we have an option C anymore? Most clients can only connect to one server. Who was it that used to inject all the NWS data into the APRS-IS? It's been a few years ago. I liked that much better.

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You are trying to use Firenet for an IGate and the Firenet servers specifically do not support IGates.  This is due to the intent of the Firenet vs. APRS-IS.  The APRS-IS primary purpose today is to interconnect amateur radio RF APRS networks.  This means it is expected that -any- and -all- packets seen in the APRS-IS network may end up on RF somewhere in the world.  Firenet, on the other hand, is an experimental subnet without that restriction and encourages experimentation with higher activity feeds than what APRS-IS is designed for.  Because of this, APRS-IS servers support "recently heard" lists to support IGates running on filtered feeds; Firenet servers do not support "recently heard" lists so people do not connect IGates to their servers, only GUI clients, database collectors, or other non-RF application.

APRS-IS=RF support; Firenet=Internet-only clients.  Firenet does fully support messaging to/from APRS-IS for the directly connected clients but not for clients beyond the directly connected client (gated by an IGate).

Hope this helps.


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> Since switching to FireNet from the APRS-IS to get more NWS data I have
> noticed that I no longer receive any messages nor do I get any packets from
> once heard stations. I connect using APRX (no display) with a filter of
> "p/BMX/HUN". Is there a filter that is needed to get messages from Firenet
> that wasn't needed with the APRS-IS?
> Max KG4PID

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