[aprssig] Kenwood D710 and Yaesu FTM-350AR APRS Local Info Init QSY compatibility?

Ron Stordahl, AE5E ronn5in-aprssig at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 19 23:01:12 EDT 2014

I send a object name thus:

;145.47KRL*111111z4835.40N/09634.80WrT077 -060

When received by my D710 it allows a qsy to 146.47 setting a tone of 77 and offset of -600.

But I have been told by a FTM-350AR user that the Yaesu does not recognize this format, I believe because I am using 145.47KRL rather than 145.47MHz.  The object name of 145.47KRL is very useful as it tells a user at a glance that the repeater is in Karlstad MN, while the MHz doesn't add any useful information.  In the list the D710 accumulates you can scan and quickly noting the suffixes make a suitable selection for 'qsy'.

Is there a compatible format which preserves the usefulness of the 'KRL' suffix.

I have tried:

;145.47KRL*111111z4835.40N/09634.80Wr145.47MHzT077 -060

which I am told the Yaesu does recognize, but unfortunately the D710 does not set the tone correctly.

I have tried:

;145.47KRL*111111z4835.40N/09634.80WrT077 -060 145.47MHz

which the Kenwood properly processes, but I do not know if the Yaesu can deal with...seems unlikely.

Does anyone have a solution to this Kenwood/Yaesu incompatibility?

Ron, AE5E
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