[aprssig] Dire Wolf version 1.0 now available

Sander Pool sander_pool at pobox.com
Thu Jun 12 20:20:43 EDT 2014

Hi John,

many thanks for this excellent modem! I was able to make it work with 
APRSIS-32 and RMS Express with just a little bit of tinkering. I was 
able to connect to an RMS Express gateway my TS-2000's built in TNC 
can't decode so that is really cool. The ability to listen on a 
(virtual) null modem is the killer feature of this sound modem I think.

I was able to specify the USB device names which worked better than I 
hoped. I have a Microham USB-3 which has separate device names for in- 
and output. I have renamed those to Radio in and Radio out. Your 
software picked them up without issue.



    Sander W1SOP

On 6/12/2014 1:00 PM, aprssig-request at tapr.org wrote:
> Dire Wolf version 1.0 now available

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