[aprssig] Dire Wolf version 1.0 now available

John Langner WB2OSZ wb2osz at comcast.net
Thu Jun 12 08:00:57 EDT 2014

Dire Wolf is a software "soundcard" modem/TNC and APRS encoder/decoder.   It
can be used stand-alone to receive APRS messages, as a digipeater, APRStt
gateway, or Internet Gateway (IGate).    It can also be used as a virtual
TNC for other applications such as  <http://aprsisce.wikidot.com/> APRSIS32,
<http://www.ui-view.org/> UI-View32,  <http://www.xastir.org/wiki/Main_Page>
Xastir,  <http://aprstw.blandranch.net/> APRS-TW,
<http://www.ka2ddo.org/ka2ddo/YAAC.html> YAAC,
<http://users.belgacom.net/hamradio/uiss.htm> UISS,
<http://www.linux-ax25.org/wiki/Main_Page> Linux AX25,
<http://www.sartrack.co.nz/index.html> SARTrack, and many others.


It runs on Windows and Linux systems including the Raspberry Pi.


New features in version 1.0 include 9600 baud operation and new interfaces
for operation with software defined radios (SDR) such as  <http://gqrx.dk/>
gqrx or  <http://sdr.osmocom.org/trac/wiki/rtl-sdr> rtl_fm. 


More details: http://home.comcast.net/~wb2osz/site/ 

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