[aprssig] [APRS] DIGIPEATER Callsigns (by location)

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Fri Jul 18 05:02:20 EDT 2014

I so totally disagree with this.

The 'From' callsign in AX25 packets is the UNIQUE callsign of the station.
All existing APRS gear is based on this.
When people are going to make up their own 'From' callsigns, and some of 
them use the same name, chaos is the result.
It is the ONE field which should be always unique, and therefore the 
amateur radio callsign.

I already have enough trouble on my own private APRS network for Search 
and Rescue users, where many stations are not HAM stations, and they 
either make up their own callsign or I have to allocate them one.

SARTrack uses a 'Tactical' callsign which is added in the Information 
field, and this shows up on the Maps etc. It also supports the Xastir 
system of Tactical calls which are transmitted as Messages.

And no, they are not showing up on Kenwood radios.. If that was 
required, it should have been included in the original spec as a special 
addition to the Information field (and that would have been a good idea).

SARTrack Developer

On 18/07/2014 08:01, Robert Bruninga wb4apr at amsat.org [APRS] wrote:
> While driving in the wilderness in Montana, Wyoming and Idaho, I was
> reminded how nice it is when DIGIPEATERS ID with their location name
> instead of callsign.
> When I get back, I am going to revise ALL my recommendation pages over
> the years to reflect this.

SARTrack Developer and CEO

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