[aprssig] Paths - Solution proposal

Mark Cheavens mcheavens at usa.net
Sun Jul 13 19:03:50 EDT 2014

So as you move from area to area around the 
country you know the system layout and loading 
and change your path accordingly?

I know that 99+% of "users" do not change from day to day, minute to minute.

The system should do that dynamically.

To answer Bob's concern about "importance" of the 
packet. If the packet is a new and unique packet, 
then it would automatically have a higher 
priority than a redundant packet sent within a short period of time.
- If "Importance" is the concern, then a bit could indicate the importance.

As a sysop of many digi's, I would immediately 
upgrade my radio's. We are talking about under 
$150.00 for either a Tracker3($95.00) (If new 
firmware were written for it to support a new 
methodology) or for a TNC-Pi and a Raspberry Pi.

"Existing" paths would still work during the 
transition. In high density area's the transition could occur first.

If a local sysop can't afford that "minor" 
investment in an upgraded infrastructure, then 
I'm sure other users in the area could come 
together to support it. Donate the old TNC to a home station that needs it.


At 03:25 PM 7/13/2014, Richard Sharp, KQ4KX wrote:
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>I too have to agree with Bob.  A properly 
>educated user originating a packet should be 
>able to control their packet dissemination.
>It seems to me the real “problem” we are 
>experiencing is either inconsiderate or 
>uninformed users that are utilizing the APRS 
>network with no regard for others.
>Since the vast majority of these airborne ops 
>are using the dumb tracker equipment perhaps 
>there should be a prominent description in the 
>manuals for these types of equipment provided by 
>their manufacturer.  Particularly, what NOT to do if using them airborne.
>Every year during the Sun-N-Fun fly-in I see 
>countless airplanes on my local APRS map with 
>the “default” land based paths.  Clearly, 
>these ops are simply buying these trackers 
>(possibly preconfigured) and using 
>them.  Usually, when I see an airplane on my 
>map just passing through the local network 
>flooding is only for a short time.  But during 
>the weeklong fly-in there are multiple planes up 
>flying around the area beaconing.  Oh, and look 
>up their callsign on QRZ.com and of course – NO 
>email address listed.  Or, they’re using the 
>plane’s tail number as a tactical callsign and 
>may or may not have their actual callsign listed in the payload.
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