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Steve Dimse steve at dimse.com
Mon Jan 27 15:00:39 EST 2014

On Jan 27, 2014, at 2:01 PM, John Gorkos <jgorkos at gmail.com> wrote:

> If you're going down that road, might I suggest moving to an AJAX/Web2.0 style MVN on the client side, where the data is delivered in JSON and the client is responsible for formatting and presentation.
> I'm still in the infant stages of doing that type of GUI design, but I can certainly see a lot of the advantages and reasons that the "new" crop of web designers are moving to making the client do the heavy lifting of layout and presentation.  It reduces server load a fair amount, since the server only needs to generate a simple string instead of a dynamic web page…

The load issue on findU is with the database, not the CPU. Loading of the database is the reason that I don’t allow automated screen scraping or direct database access. Hundreds of people have tried to use findU as a back end for their own little projects, and were I not vigilant I would need more servers. I have headroom now with the new server, but if I opened up access the capacity would probably get sucked up pretty fast. 

If someone stepped forward with a proposal to do the developing of a Javascript front end for use on findU I’d consider adding private support for them (JSON is easy), but since I’m much better with Perl than Javascript and findU has the CPU cycles I’ll stick with the present method. 

Steve K4HG

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