[aprssig] IC-706 CT-17 cable

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A few years ago, I thought it was the Prolific chips that were bootlegged in China.  Have trhey now moved to copying the FTDI chips too? 
73, Steve, K9DCI
I've had no probs with FTDI chips.
Sorry if this is a dupe.  mailer seems to be hickupping...

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The driver software for the USB adapter.
Some cheap USB to serial adapters or USB to Radio adapters (Wouxun/Baufang, etc) use a Chinese version of the FIDI adapter. If you have one of these cables and a modern Windows software, the Windows software will see you Chinese fake FIDI adapter and try and load a real US licensed version of the driver, which will show up with a yellow flag in Device manager and will not work. 
You then have to trick modern Windows into loading the fake Chinese FIDI driver to run your adapter.
Some of the more expensive Chinese adapters use a real US Fidi chip and will run with the real FIDI driver.
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I see that $13.29 is a very reasopnable price, but I wonder what's on the CD.
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Here’s a link from Amazon:
Here’s a list of all available:
73 de Kriss KA1GJU

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