[aprssig] How To Use APRS With Some Peace Of Mind - SOB

WD8ARZ wd8arz at ix.netcom.com
Mon Jan 20 14:46:22 EST 2014

This email was not about those with access, experience and to systems to 
do what you did. What you did by not having cause probably generates 
concerns about your behavior. What you and the system dont know is how 
up to date and accurate is that data, as it is not current as of this time.

My email was more about those who capture the location data of APRS and 
use it to time ill well on your well being, or locations, that are 
location and time sensitive. You know, what APRS is about. The public 
can copy APRS signals as well as hams. It is not about who I am or how 
easy it is in this world today to invade some ones privacy with out 
merit ... such as what you did. It was generate by an APRS user on a 
different web site having concerns about purchasing Android APRS 
programs and the requited steps to go about it.

Yep, APRS location data can also be faked. It isnt hard to put in manual 
coordinates and send it on its merry way ... ever been to China by car?

What I understand or dont is an assumption on your part that I need to 
be educated in this area. Of course a wrong assumption, and more about 
what your needs and behavior type is about. If your were that sensitive 
about it, you would have contacted me directly ....

You have created suspicions about your behavior that make me 
uncomfortable to use your Java applet ....  not to mention a chill on 
participation in efforts to share info strategies about our hobby.

My topic was about an ant hill, dont need to go climb that mountain. Its 
obvious there are problem folks out there who will abuse the system, 
like you just did.

Bill - Out .........

On 1/20/2014 2:23 PM, Steve Dimse wrote:
> You do understand what is online, right? Typing you name into your Tax Assessor web site gave me your address, wife’s name, and assessed value of your property. Your county clerk tells me the name of your bank and the date and amount of your last two mortgages. You have no criminal or civil history in your county court system, so good for you on that! It took all of three minutes.
> Privacy today is an illusion. But you are on the right track with the Second Amendment!
> Steve K4HG

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