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You do understand what is online, right? Typing you name into your Tax Assessor web site gave me your address, wife’s name, and assessed value of your property. Your county clerk tells me the name of your bank and the date and amount of your last two mortgages. You have no criminal or civil history in your county court system, so good for you on that! It took all of three minutes.

Privacy today is an illusion. But you are on the right track with the Second Amendment!

Steve K4HG

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> Good Monday Morning All, looks like a cold snowy few days shaping up back this way in North West Indiana.
> One of the concerns we have as hams, is not knowing whom might wish to take advantage of the information about us online and in the data we send over APRS.
> Obviously we dont want our home burglarized while we are out some where else while our APRS signals are reporting where we are, and home is not that location. As well, we dont want our vehicle burglarized of our equipment either.
> When using APRS I do my darnedest to not broadcast with in a couple miles of where I live or where I am visiting. I also turn off my APRS a mile or two before I make stops for gas, food etc. If I am going to be out of the vehicle for a while, I remove any antennas on the vehicle (all on quick disconnects including a heavy HiQ screw driver antenna), and remove all control panel heads from the dash area (all on velcro and main equipment installed out of side that those control heads operate).
> Fortunately I have found that my mobile radio that has APRS built in, and two APRS Android programs that I use, allow me to truncate a number of the last digits for longitude and latitude. That allows for general location to be useful, but not exact.
> To purchase items like software online, I use a single charge card that has a low level cap on it. Just a few hundred dollars. That is used for example on my Android phone for the apps I want. Every year or so, that card is changed. Am grateful for both Android phone applications I have purchased. Once I proved I was a ham just once, the code for my call sign then works on all APRS programs I put that call into. One time deal.
> Another step one can take to help keep strangers from locating your home address in the FCC records that so many other sites have access to and post to strangers, is to not have your home address in that online data.
> Latest edition of the FCC Form 205 Quick-Form Application for Authorization of Amateur Radio Services is at:
> http://transition.fcc.gov/Forms/Form605/605.html Currently that form Edition Date is May 2013
> Notice that Line 15 asks for your address as a post office box address. Line 16 is the street address location.
> My last updating I did have information in both line 15 and 16. If you look at my call sign on QRZ, you will note that only my post office box number is listed, not my street address. On my license form, one side has the pob, the other side has the street address. As I read the current version of this form, the street address appears to be an option.
> In my case, I have neighbors and family in /round my home that keep an eye on things while I am not there. Additionally, an alarm system with multiple methods to report intrusion is used, and remotely monitored by friends and neighbors. Multiple video / audio camera's are installed out side and inside that are recorded 24 / 7 and also accessible remotely by several methods. Those camera's are also monitored by family, friends and neighbors. Those links are user / password restricted and available any where across the country. Thats why it is easy for back up sites at other locations to also be recording 24 / 7 ....
> Will this prevent problems one hundred percent? Of course not. But it has worked for me for several decades. Fortunately amendment 2 provides for other security methods as well, in the home and on my person. Both those options are equipped appropriately for the home and me (legally) as well.
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