[aprssig] TM-D710 control

Tony VE6MVP tony at ve6mvp.com
Sun Feb 23 16:37:28 EST 2014

At 01:48 PM 2014-02-23, Andrew Rich wrote:
>How to control the Kenwood TM-D710
>I see that it can be in a command mode to set radio type settings 
>and then you can drop it back to TNC mode.
>I am interested in being able to drive the radio using commands and 
>then drop back to packet
>An automated Satellite / APRS iGate function.

APRSISCE/32  does this as does RMS Express.   That is they will both 
change the TNC mode to APRS or Packet respectively and update other 
settings.    You can see this happening on the D710 display as 
APRSIS32 or RMS Express start up. With APRSISCE/32 
http://aprsisce.wikidot.com/   you can turn on the port logging and 
you can see the exact commands being executed and the response from the TNC.

http://www.qsl.net/k7jar/pages/D700Cmds.html has the commands 
documented.    With a terminal program I'm sure you can send the 
appropriate commands yourself with a terminal program.

 From what I can see you can also set the B side frequency, offset 
and tone.  I'd really, really like to see the Repeaterbook Android 
app build in this capability so I can click on the screen and change 
the D710 frequency.   Of course this would also require a Bluetooth 
to serial port adapter on the D710.     Or that I can do something 
similar when I see a nearby repeater object coming in on an APRS Android app.

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