[aprssig] "no sym yet" icon + compressed packets?

Paul Bramscher pfbram at comcast.net
Fri Feb 14 23:07:46 EST 2014

Forgot to add -- my station, and the others that get 'no sym yet', seem
to all be passing compressed-format packets.  So maybe that's a factor
also.  It's unclear to me how to turn off compression on my D710, as an
experiment, so see if that's his issue.


On 2/14/2014 10:04 PM, Paul Bramscher wrote:
> Greetings--
> I regularly work the ISS digipeater and check www.ariss.net and
> http://aprs.fi/info/a/KD0KZE -- and note that when a particular station
> sends receipt of my transmission to the t2/sgate servers, my icon
> appears as "no sym yet" instead of the usual 'House (Vertical Antenna)'.
> The operator (K0GDI-6) told me he's using UISS + the SatGate module.
> And I see he's apparently sending RX's that result in 'no sym yet' for
> other stations also.
> When I go to aprs.fi and pass my mouse over the 'no sym yet' graphic, it
> says 'House (HF Antenna)'.  That's not what I've plugged into my rig or
> software (TM-V71A + RC-D710, APRSISCE/32), and I don't see this problem
> with terrestrial APRS or when other stations send a report of me working
> the ISS.
> Is it likely that the operator's UISS software is outdated with an old
> symbol set?  Kind of a bummer to lose my "home" symbol on ariss.net,
> etc.  I note that I can immediately restore it if I fire up 144.390 and
> send some local packets in my area.
> Regards,
> KD0KZE / Paul Bramscher

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