[aprssig] The panel

Steve Dimse steve at dimse.com
Sat Feb 1 12:17:29 EST 2014

I feel like I’m pretty close on the LED panel, enough so that it is now in its permanent home. 

This does metric and nautical now. What units would metric users prefer for pressure? kPa? I made inches Hg the unit for english and nautical


A couple subtle changes that require me to learn about editing TrueType fonts. The 7 now has the upper left descending bar off. I also changed the spacing of the decimal points. While a true display spaces the characters a little more and has the decimal point integrated just past each number, the original font gave the decimal a full space. It looked bad always, but when I saw my pressure as 30.10 the gap was too huge and I had to act.

I went with keeping both humidity and dewpoint in the display. Dewpoint switches to windchill with temp<33. It wouldn’t be dew at that point, would it!

The san serif is still at 


All other cgis are deprecated, I think the only ones I shared publicly are led.cgi and led7.cgi. Stop using these and switch to panel, I’ll be programming them to forward to panel anyway. It was getting too confusing for me to keep track of all the different versions.

Eventually I will roll the sanserif display into panel.cgi so I only have one to maintain, but for now if you prefer it you can use panel2.

Thanks for everyone’s feedback!

Steve K4HG

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