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A very valid point common to any Automatic Vehicle Location system. I
deliberately avoided the social issues involved in using APRS, but they
should be considered by everyone using the network.

Kenneth Finnegan
On Dec 9, 2014 4:21 PM, "WD8ARZ" <wd8arz at ix.netcom.com> wrote:

> Just a minor note in case this information fits in with your project
> Kenneth.
> It is easy to accept an APRS position on a map as a given. That is that it
> is in fact valid information from the GPS data stream. However there are
> circumstances where that can be questionable. At times solar events can
> disrupt the GPS signal causing loss in accuracy. Users can also configure
> their gps units to intentionally not provide as accurate information as it
> is possible to do while they are mobile.
> Many hardware APRS radios and APRS programs allows for truncating the last
> few digits of the Lat / Lon coordinates data so as to not provide exact
> coordinates even while providing real time data streams. The real location
> of the moving APRS symbol on the map could be some distance away.
> Frequently when I am out and about and using APRS, I choose settings that
> restricts the last several digits of the Lat / Long data so my exact
> location is not discernible. This is to protect my vehicle from theft of my
> gear while I am away from it at various stops. But it also allows me to use
> the benefits of APRS to communicate with other APRS users.  When I am on a
> trip I frequently allow exact GPS coordinates to appear as I am a moving
> target anyway ..... but at those times I dont turn on aprs when at my home,
> place of work, stopped for gas or a rest stop, or at my intended
> destination.
> It is also possible for the user to put in manual location data that has
> nothing to do with their location at all .... even show up out of the
> country .....
> Today I noticed that my APRS call sign shows me in a drive way at home
> that appears as if I live there. Actually I did a U turn and turned off my
> APRS before heading home and didnt realize it had beaconed in that drive
> way ...... also having our APRS station relayed to the network isnt one
> hundred percent .... there will be gaps.
> Another concern is that many hams have their real home address listed with
> their amateur radio call signs in public internet databases. For example
> looking up a hams callsign on QRZ  frequently gives a home physical address
> .... but it doesnt have to. It is also why a lot of hams wont do APRS as
> they want to protect their privacy. The FCC application form for your
> license allows listing your real home address in a section on the form that
> is required for FCC use, but there is another section where you can put in
> a post office box address that is only seen by the public such as when
> looked up on Qrz and other sites. That keeps us legal and helps reduce our
> risk for our vehicles or homes being targeted ... after all when your APRS
> signal shows you out and about, your not at your home during that time .....
> Hope this wasnt a distraction, as it wasnt intended to be.
> 73 from Bill - WD8ARZ
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> transmitting.
> On 12/6/2014 6:43 PM, Kenneth Finnegan wrote:
>> Ladies and Gentlemen,
>> I am preparing to defend my thesis at Cal Poly SLO next week, and
>> thought some readers of this list might enjoy seeing a draft copy of
>> my thesis. I'd appreciate feedback on any glaring quantifiable errors
>> in the document.
>> http://thelifeofkenneth.com/files/draft_finnegan_aprs_thesis.pdf
>> I'd like to say once again thanks for all the help offered by many of
>> you as I've worked on my thesis for the last year.
>> If you happen to be in the SLO area, my defence will be on Friday Dec
>> 12 at 9am in the EE department conference room, and you are welcome to
>> attend.
>> --
>> Kenneth Finnegan
>> http://blog.thelifeofkenneth.com/
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