[aprssig] Help - need windows GPS/NMEA sim

Joe Della Barba joe at dellabarba.com
Tue Dec 9 21:09:32 EST 2014

What I was wanting to do was be able to program a starting lat/lon, course,
and speed and then have the "virtual gps" put out NMEA data as it travels
Thanks for looking into that!

Joe Della Barba
joe at dellabarba.com
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What type of output are you expecting? Some random 'track' including random
speed, course and altitude?

I could maybe glue something together.


On 10-12-2014 09:42, Joe Della Barba wrote:
> I am looking for a windows freeware program to simulate a GPS NMEA 
> output to a serial port. I am going nuts try to find something that 
> isn't too crippled to use or that can't get through the malware 
> filter. Any help much appreciated. I would even pay 5 0r 10 bucks, but 
> a big $$$ package is too much for my hobby use.
> Thanks!
> 73 de N3HGB
> Joe Della Barba
> joe at dellabarba.com
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