[aprssig] Debugging APRS clients with socat and tnc-server

John KB2SCS kb2scs at optonline.net
Sun Aug 10 17:54:35 EDT 2014

Hi Christopher
               I have always used the hardware method of
connect two APRS clients together.
The hardware method needs the following hardware.
Two Computers.

You simply connect the radio port of the two Tnc together.
Obviously connecting the correct pin to the correct pin on the other 
radio port.

Then just connect the computers to the serial ports of the two TNC.

Christopher Snell wrote:
> I recently needed to debug an APRS client that I'm working on and 
> needed a way to do it without using RF.  Simply attaching the client 
> to a KISS TNC and a radio wasn't cutting it for me: I needed to 
> carefully control the packets that were being sent to the client and I 
> needed to send packets at a faster rate than would be desirable on the 
> local RF network. You can do this with a null-modem cable between two 
> RS-232 ports but if you don't have two ports and a cable handy, 
> there's an easier way.
> If you're a developer of an APRS client or utility, you might find 
> this useful.  I did a write-up on the process:
> http://output.chrissnell.com/post/94364500380/debugging-aprs-clients-with-a-virtual-null-modem-cable
> Chris
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