[aprssig] Anyone Using SkyCommand for a club?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Oct 29 09:31:14 EDT 2013

Don't forget, if you make your Skycommand Callsigns GENERIC and publish
them to your Club, then everyone in the club can tune into the control
frequency of your remote base and their MOBILE or Handheld will DISPLAY
the HF radio display.  This way, they can SEE what the skycommand operator
is doing and what they are HEARING.

Also, anyone in the club can tune the radio.  Gentlemenly sharing of
course.  It is a human-to-human handoff since everyone listening can hear
what everyone else is saying.  For example: "OK, Im done, who wants it

See http://aprs.org/skycommand.html

Bob, Wb4APR

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Hello Matt nice to hear about your SkyCommand operation. The HT interface
must be interesting. Is it a home brew cable system?

The HT serial port to the hf rig needs to have the same com port baud rate
settings. Verify that and try using no PL's and see what that does.

Next challenge for me is to support APRS while doing SkyCommand in the
mobile. Looks like that will take a separate radio for that. If nothing
else, that puts your second D72 to work ... hi hi

Interesting to note the number of rigs that support Kenwoods wonderful

* HF Rigs: TS2000 series, TS-480 series, The TS570S, TS-870S and the

* Dual Banders: TMD700A, TMD710A, and RC-D710 Control Head, TM-V71A/E with
2.10 Firmware.

* HT's: TH-79A KSS, THD7A and THD72A.

Another challenge of using a mode such as Kenwoods SkyCommand in a mobile
with a screwdriver auto tuner is there is only one db9 serial connector on
the radio. Most auto tuners need a serial cable on the hf radio. The
SkyCommand mode wants a serial cable on the hf radio.

The trick is to either use a long whip on the mobile with a none serial
cable tuner with memory features .... or now we have an option to continue
using the screwdriver antenna: West Mountain Radio's TARGETuner at

This auto tuner does not use a serial cable, but true swr input / output
so239 antenna connectors.
Have not ordered one, as I have it on a Christmas Wish List ... hi hi

73 from Bill - WD8ARZ

On 10/29/2013 8:24 AM, Matthew Willis wrote:
> I've used it with my TS-590 and a D710 as Transporter, with a D72 as
> I bought a second D72 with the intention of using it as the Transporter,
but I haven't gotten that to work.  I can't remember the exact reason, but
it had to do with one of them not transmitting PL, or not decoding it.
Either way it looked like a bug to me, but haven't gotten back to it.
> -Matt
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