[aprssig] APRS / SkyCommand Progress Since and Tips

WD8ARZ wd8arz at ix.netcom.com
Mon Oct 28 13:16:42 EDT 2013

Before I get to to the reason for this email, some observations and tips 
to others wanting to use SkyCommand.

For me there were several key items that made the initial system setup 
very difficult to work on my end. Makes me understand why so many said 
they could not make it work and gave up.

* Most discussion of the SkyCommand setup by users were using the 
TS-2000. Different instructions to be follow if use three separate 
pieces not using the TS-2000.
* The TS-480HX instruction manual says to use 9600 baud for SkyCommand. 
No mention was made in this manual that the baud rate chosen Needed To 
Match the dual bander being used (TMD700A / TMD710A). Both rigs of 
course need to be set to the same baud rate. I am using 19200 because 
other programs and an antenna tuner use that rate. Most folks could not 
get by the "Push [0] Key To Start Commander !!" because of this.
* It is easy when reading the TS-480 or TMD700A / TMD710A instruction 
manuals for SkyCommand to miss the fact that the keypad assignments are 
different for the THD7A / THD72A keypad.
* It is nice that the SkyCommand II uses the display of the HT to tell 
you to turn on the HF rig by using button #1. So why doesnt it tell you 
to enable the audio from the HF rig through the Transporter to the 
Commander by turning it on by using button #2 ?!? Another key point 
where users gave up because they couldnt get audio to their Commander.

Ok, now for the reason for my email:

Was curious if there were any updates / progress on the APRS / 
SkyCommand articles discussed here, including APRSdos?


73 from Bill - WD8ARZ

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