[aprssig] Xastir Settings [Was: Dire Wolf & Tracker 3?]

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Sat Nov 23 20:13:13 EST 2013

Puppy Package Manager does the same - it checks multiple
related repositories (you may chose one or several) then
shows the dependencies (you may choose to download all or
just some - e.g. you may choose to leave out docs to save

I believe that Puppy Raring also includes a version of

Something is either amiss in the settings I have in xastir,
or else I need to manually set something prior to opening
xastir, because Minicom sees all of the traffic while
xastir sees only my Local ID.

I have the All Staions window open.

 > Andrew Rich wrote:
> That's why it's best to use a Linux that has apt-get
> This will go grab any missing files that xastir needs
> When I was learning Linux I spent literally days chasing my tail trying to work out mussing dependencies
> Apt-get does it all for you. !
> Awesome


Thanks! & 73, KD4E.com

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