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For the RPM world, OpenSuSE does the same dependency management with YAST (Yet Another Setup Tool).  It's also connected to a number of searchable App catalogs.  Recommended.

Greg KO6TH

Andrew Rich <vk4tec at tech-software.net> wrote:
>That's why it's best to use a Linux that has apt-get
>This will go grab any missing files that xastir needs
>When I was learning Linux I spent literally days chasing my tail trying
>to work out mussing dependencies
>Apt-get does it all for you. !
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>On 24/11/2013, at 1:11 AM, "Bruce W. Martin" <aprs at almostanywhere.com>
>> David,
>>    I have been using xastir for years. While the developers have
>tried to make it reasonable for the non-developer to get xastir running
>on a particular distribution of linux most of them only work with one
>or two amongst the nearly 100 distributions. There are 8 main variants
>of Ubuntu and over 60 other forks based on ubuntu. While architecture
>support has calmed down, with the advent and popularity of Raspberry Pi
>it has complicated this process. With all of these distributions
>someone has to deal with the packaging of an application hopefully
>across all distributions and keep up with every update of the main
>application and dependancies. To me it is a wonder that anything gets
>done in the mostly volunteer world of Free Open Source Software. 
>>    That being said the only way to keep xastir up to date on your
>select distribution is to unload the xastir package and load all of the
>dependancies for xastir and then compile xastir. Once that is done
>there is a script in xastir that will do the minor revision updates.
>Run that script manually or incorporate that script in another and set
>that as a routine cron job. Compiling xastir from cvs (or what ever
>version control is currently used) is actually fairly easy. Getting all
>of the right dependancies installed or compiled is the hard part. I
>will be the first to admit that this can get very frustrating but when
>you get it done it is quite satisfying. I will admit it has been
>several years since I installed and compiled xastir. I have generally
>been satisfied with what has been packaged together for the
>distribution I use and know if I want it to be current then I know what
>I will have to get into. I can't imagine the patience needed to package
>any program for any particular di
> stri
>> bution.
>>    The xastir list is a great place if you have a specific question
>about a specific issue but no forum is likely to be very good about
>answering an open ended question like "How do I get a newer version of
>xastir packaged for my favorite distribution?"
>>    I seem to recall your question about xastir but don't remember
>what list it was on. A quick look at the xastir list saw several posts
>by you over the last year but I did not see your 2.0.0 question.
>>    If there is a package for a particular distribution then there is
>probably some documentation on how to compile xastir for a particular
>> I hope this helps,
>> Bruce, KQ4TV
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>> On Nov 22, 2013, at 8:37 PM, qrv at kd4e.com wrote:
>>>    I just loaded xastir, which I have used before, though I don't
>>> recall how to tell it to look at the USB port and to display traffic
>- I have to review the manual.  (I installed xastir despite the Ubuntu
>>> repository offering only v 2.0.0 rather than the newer version. (I
>>> have asked about the update path for xastir and received no reply.)
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