[aprssig] Dire Wolf & Tracker 3?

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Fri Nov 22 21:37:08 EST 2013


	It's the Tracker 3 ot3m model with the built in USB port.

	I know I've used another console-based app in the past and
could monitor, even send a string of text, into the APRS system via the 
Tracker 3. (I don't recall the app, it was in Linux.)

	We went through some changes of computers here and so this
Netbook lacks the setup I used to have.

	I just loaded xastir, which I have used before, though I don't
recall how to tell it to look at the USB port and to display traffic - I 
have to review the manual.  (I installed xastir despite the Ubuntu
repository offering only v 2.0.0 rather than the newer version. (I
have asked about the update path for xastir and received no reply.)




> You can't mix DireWolf with a Tracker 3.
> Dire Wolf is a sound-card application to be connected directly to a
> radio with suitable isolation and level controls and some provision to
> trigger PTT.
> The Tracker3 is a self-contained TNC that provides a serial port
> interface to the PC for access by APRS applications.  The radio is
> connected to the Tracker3 which is then connected to the PC via USB.
> Unless you're trying to use DireWolf to decode the signals being
> transmitted by the Tracker3?
> Please explain what it is you're trying to do and what part of it isn't
> working.  This forum can help you out with the Tracker 3, but you might
> need to go elsewhere to find experts on Dire Wolf.
> Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32
> On 11/22/2013 9:09 PM, qrv at kd4e.com wrote:
>> I have a Tracker 3 set up with an Alinco DR-135 as a digipeater.
>> I have a USB cable from the Tracker 3 to my Netbook.
>> I have Direwolf running in Linux.
>> When I open Dire Wolf in Console using either:
>> "direwolf"
>> "direwolf -p"
>> "direwolf usbkiss -p"
>> Even though I can hear APRS traffic it is not displayed.
>> What am I doing incorrectly, please?
>> Thanks!


Thanks! & 73, KD4E.com

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