[aprssig] THD72 and Raspberri Pi Igate

Andrew P. andrewemt at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 5 14:25:05 EST 2013

No reason why you shouldn't be able to, assuming the Pi has appropriate Igate capable software installed on it. It already supports standard USB-serial dongles (such as the one in the TH-D72), and has a full Internet protocol stack for contacting the APRS-IS servers.

Who's got the best software for this environment? I'm afraid that my YAAC program isn't the most efficient on the RPi platform for this.

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Subject: [aprssig] THD72 and Raspberri Pi Igate

Is it possible to connect the Kenwood THD72 and a Raspberri Pi to make a RX only igate ? 
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