[aprssig] mic-e: technical info or source code ??

Kristoff Bonne kristoff.bonne at skypro.be
Wed May 29 17:13:38 EDT 2013

Hi Lynn,

On 29-05-13 22:55, Lynn W. Deffenbaugh (Mr) wrote:
> And for completeness, here's the page that has the AX.25 specification PDF:
> http://www.tapr.org/pub_ax25.html


I did already had a look at that document, but -in the case of the 
mic-e- I was looking for layer 1 and 2 information.

I just imaged that -because it uses a different platform- it might have 
used a different modulation sceme.

 > Decidedly NOT for the faint of heart!
Oh well, I did my part plowing throu internet RFC, ETSI TRs and ITU 
specs in the past, so I think I can manage. :-)

I must say, having a networking / internet background, I must say that 
the ham community has a terrible track-record of documenting protocols 
and technologies.

I prefer a documents describing APRS or AX.25 100 times more then (say) 
the officual D-STAR spec-document which is (hold your breath) a 
stagering 8 pages!

> Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

kristoff - ON1ARF

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