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Fri May 17 14:24:44 EDT 2013

That's not really true.  It's not just firmware to do out of band receive or extra memory or some of the other add ons, it's actual extra hardware.  An out of band receive requires multiple IF paths which means switched filters (most multi-band radios with out-of-band receive have multiple SAW or other filters for the active bands and the OOB that are switched in and out).  SAWs and PIN switching diodes take board real estate and control lines on the processor meaning a larger processor.  Extra memories require a larger memory chip (in capacity) so a little extra cost.  The physical chip size or pinout may or may not change, it depends on the design of the chip.  Additionally, the VCO doesn't have to be complex to support a wide range of frequencies which also helps lower cost.

So leaving out the firmware of course doesn't change the cost but if you don't need that functionality, then leaving out the extra hardware associated with those frills does affect the cost exactly as you mention later.  A no-frills radio with an integrated map will indeed be cheaper than the independent units taken together if only because some of the RF and control circuitry is gone.

On Thu, 16 May 2013 22:44:52 -0400 Stephen H. Smith wrote:

On 5/16/2013 5:20 PM, Andrew P. wrote:
>> It sounds like what we really need is a more budget-conscious version of the TH-D72.
>No tuning out-of-band, no SkyCommand, no 1000 memories. Just a basic H-T with 
>an LCD screen,
>GPS, and a mini-TNC (like the TinyTrak, but smaller and integrated).
>While I agree with the basic premises in your post, the statement above doesn't 
>hold water.    Tuning outside the band, SkyCommand, memories, etc are just 
>firmware adds -- they don't increase the complexity or cost of the hardware at 
>The significant recurring cost factors are the hardware: Synthesizer, IF 
>filters, RF power stages, uController, T/R switching, battery & battery 
>management circuits, GPS sub-system, LCD display, keyboard, etc.
>Leaving out firmware bells & whistles might make the radio easier to use, but 
>it won't significantly lower the cost.
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