[aprssig] APRStt at Dayton!

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue May 14 00:15:09 EDT 2013

APRStt (touch tone) will be operating at Dayton.  If  you have a
non-APRS radio and want to keep everyone informed of your position,
then you can enter your position by DTMF using either the single digit
B1YX* format to place yourself anywhere at Hara Arena to the nearest
100 feet or so.  See http://aprs.org/aprstt.html

Or  you can place yourself anywhere within 60 miles around Dayton
using the two digit B2YYXX*  format where YY and XX are the minutes of
LAT/LONG either obtained from a GPS or by looking at the map in the
Hamvention Brochure (though you will have to pick up a copy with the
YY/XX grid on it at the Byonics Booth.

Byonics will have several APRStt daughter-boards on hand for those
that want to set up their own APRStt system back home.  These plug
into a TInyTracker-4 making a stand-alone APRStt system when plugged
into two radios.

Entering the Position report above, of course, only works when
followed by your DTMF callsign from one of your radio's DTMF memories.
 THe best way to enter your callsign in DTMF is to use this handy
on-line callsign calculator:


Program it inro ANY radio and that radio becomes "APRS" capable at
least by being able to manually transmit your position to the APRS
system.  The input will be on 146.58 UNLESS there is a birdie.  (Right
now, my system has a very strong birdie there and so we may have o
have it on 146.565.  CHeck at the Byonics Booth for sure.

The APRStt will only have indoor antennas at the Byonics Booth, so
dont expect much range.  TO see it work, go stand in front of anyone's
live APRS display, and then send your APRStt  coordinates report and
you should show up on their map!

Copies of the map coordinates will be available in the Byonics Booth.

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