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Well, let's try some reading for comprehension, shall we?  There was a time
they taught that in schools.

The topic is Water Ingress - water entering an area.
He mentions a feeder - possibly a stream feeding into another body of water,
or perhaps an animal feeder.  We don't know yet.
However, we have a lat and long from the image at the URL... -27.425345 and
153.901236 with an elevation of 0m (sounds like sea level)

So, we look it up on a bigger map,   and it's somewhere in the vicinity of
Brisbane, Moreton Bay it seems.  We know that much, so the likelihood is
high that it refers to water coming in - from a tide or from a river feeding
that area?  We could certainly use some more clarification, but we can
figure out that much from the e-mail - with a little effort.  

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On 3/29/2013 8:11 PM, Andrew Rich wrote:
> I think I have water in my feeder again 
> http://tech-software.net/adsb_cover_area.png
> Yellow - total
> Green - 24 hours
> - Andrew -

Given that you have provided absolutely NO information about what we are
looking at, where it is or how it is being measured,




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