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Gregg Wonderly gregg at wonderly.org
Thu Mar 28 22:21:36 EDT 2013

> Bob - To say that DPRS isn't APRS simply isn't (At least entirely) true.  D-STAR, like APRS, is also built on RF.  The only difference is D-STAR is DIGITAL RF while APRS is ANALOG RF !!  Nevertheless, it's STILL RF (That's a point that also needs to be reinforced).

The path from the DStar radio to aprs-is is only rf to the repeater.  Then it is the gateway computer that sends the GPS data, in the form of a transcribed APRS packet to an APRS-IS server.  That means no Internet then no DPRS as implemented.  

You could do some programming on the gateway computer to write the data out a serial port to a TNC hooked to a radio.  

But that is not what exists today.  The D-STAR data path is not in the clear from a feature perspective and so it takes some work to get all of these things out of that digital world.  You need the right codec or you need access to a DSTAR gateway of some sort where you can grab network traffic in some way.

Gregg Wonderly
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