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DSTAR radios do NOT have an analog regular TNC that would enable them to "do" APRS on 144.39 mhz as analog APRS works like the Kenwood or Yaesu "APRS" radios do. 


But since you are only doing APRS in Android, you are not doing analog regular APRS on 144.39mhz either. 


However, ALL ICOM DSTAR radios have a digital TNC builtin that allow them to act as a digital TNC over the DSTAR network. The ID-51 also has a GPS builtin.


ICOM DSTAR radios with the addition of a GPS, or one built in can send their location over the DSTAR network thru DAPRS to the APRS internet servers, where you can see your location, just like Android or iPHONE APRS software gets it's information. You will NOT see the 144.39mhz analog APRS station on your DSTAR radio, nor will an analog APRS FM radio see the DSTAR station. 


If you have an internet connection, and watch APRS.FI, you there can see both the data from the analog FM APRS system and the DSTAR DAPRS system. 


You can buy a ICOM dual band 2820 and on one side do DAPRS and on the other add a analog TNC and transmitt on 144.39 APRS freq. 





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Just heard about & read up on the new D-STAR/APRS radio from ICOM.  I'm wondering if anybody here owns it & how good it is not only for D-STAR but APRS as well

Reason I ask is because I wanna get into both (I'm only on APRS via my Android now) BUT don't wanna have to $pend $$$ on more radios than needed to do it (Hence, no Kenwood or Yaesu :-) )

One specific question however, with the ICOM Radio, does it have integrated TNC technology built-in or would I need a TNC to use the radio & get on APRS from home with my PC ??


Cheers & 73 :D

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