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Matt VK2RQ matt.vk2rq at gmail.com
Tue Mar 26 16:17:40 EDT 2013

The ICOM D-STAR radios don't do APRS per se.

When you make a digital voice transmission with D-STAR, there is a 1200bps data channel that accompanies the voice transmission. This data channel is used for various purposes, such as sending a short text message along with the transmission, and it can transport position information as well. Other radios can decode and display this position information. If you are working through a repeater, then some software can be installed on the repeater which also picks up on the position information in the data stream, and they can convert it to an APRS packet that is sent to the APRS-IS servers on the internet. It is possible to set the radio up to "kerchunk" the repeater at set intervals, thereby providing position information to the repeater, and causing the repeater to post regular APRS posits on the internet. However, kerchunking repeaters is quite antisocial, and is frowned upon.

If you want to do real APRS with the ICOM, then there are a couple of options. There is no TNC built in, so you need to use something external. This could be some external hardware, such as an opentracker or a tinytracker, or it could be a PC running a software TNC with its sound card. From what I understand, the ID51 has a GPS built-in, but I'm not sure if it is accessible to an external device such as a tracker TNC or PC, so you may need an external GPS as well. Some of the tracker TNCs will have a GPS option available. Once you connect it all up, you put the ID51 in FM mode, tune it in to the APRS frequency, and it will transmit APRS packets under control of your TNC. These APRS packets will be picked up by I-Gates (possibly via digipeaters) and posited onto the APRS-IS servers on the Internet.

Hope this clarifies the situation somewhat.

73, Matt VK2RQ   

On 27/03/2013, at 6:29 AM, Pat Cook <kb0oxd at gmail.com> wrote:

> Just heard about & read up on the new D-STAR/APRS radio from ICOM.  I'm wondering if anybody here owns it & how good it is not only for D-STAR but APRS as well
> Reason I ask is because I wanna get into both (I'm only on APRS via my Android now) BUT don't wanna have to $pend $$$ on more radios than needed to do it (Hence, no Kenwood or Yaesu :-) )
> One specific question however, with the ICOM Radio, does it have integrated TNC technology built-in or would I need a TNC to use the radio & get on APRS from home with my PC ??
> Comments?
> Cheers & 73 :D
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