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God no!  Several times a month?  That's unforgiveable.  

Hell, it took me less than 1/2 of a second to download this entire string of
messages.    We aren't living in the dial-up age any more. 

I have a delete key on my keyboard.  I can use it.  If I don't want to see
something, it takes a mere second to delete it.  

If we can't hand le something off topic "several times a month", then we are
indeed pitiful, and our hobby deserves to die with us. 


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On Mar 26, 2013, at 9:08 AM, <aprssig at k7ftp.net> <aprssig at k7ftp.net> wrote:

> Yes, hammer him into the ground.  Let there be no room at all for the 
> occasional question like his, because heaven forbid that those into 
> TECHNOLOGY answer a question that's not directly related to APRS, and 
> come across as halfway friendly.

First of all, it is not occasional. It is several times a month, and usually
from the same person.

Second, these answers are easily available with a wonderful new thing called
Google. People that ask questions like this are being lazy.

Finally, Andrew himself has railed against people that aren't
"experimenters", yet he is the one constantly pestering others for help
instead of figuring things out for himself.

On Sep 6, 2012, at 3:22 PM, Andrew Rich wrote:

> Is any one else like me
> Frustrated by the constant bombardment of emails from people who just
can't get it together.
> Maybe I joined the wrong mail lists ? 
> Every aprs kit I ever built for myself or others has worked perfectly
> When do we break away from being just users to experimenters
> Has the pioneering dream died In ham radio ? 
> Have we just become a smart few followed by the mass of consumers ? 

So to answer Andrew, yes, I am tired of "the constant bombardment of emails
from people who just can't get it together".

Steve K4HG
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