[aprssig] Digi Question

Samúel Úlfr Þór Guðjónsson tf2sut at ulfr.net
Tue Mar 19 16:01:01 EDT 2013

Hi there.

First of all, I'd recommend to you to get in touch with others around you
who are running APRS, and ask them if they think it would contribute to the
system, many clubs have some "rules" to follow to help keeping the system

My suggestion, if you really want to run a digi, use a fillin setup with
viscous delay
as far as I know, only aprx supports that (can anyone correct me on this?)

That way, the digipeater will only digipeat if no other digi hears the
packet, but does not add extra traffic to RF if the packet is received by
another digi. TX IGate would also be good within that setup, with or
without the digipeater functions.

Is that other digi a High level digi or just a fillin?

Hopefully this helps a bit. :)

73 de TF2SUT - Samúel

On 19 March 2013 19:05, Richard Graves <rgraves at vysystems.net> wrote:

> Hi All,
> I've been following the list for several months now trying to get a feel
> for the aprs community.  For the most part it has been enjoyable and I want
> to thank all of you that contribute to the list.  While I still have a lot
> of learning to do concerning aprs (and amateur radio in general) this list
> has been extremely helpful to me.
> I have been considering building a digipeater/Igate at my QTH, but after
> doing a little research on aprs.fi, and listening on the air, I have
> discovered that there is another digi 7.2mi from here.  It has an antenna
> that is higher than I would be able to put up for this.  So my question is,
> would I be contributing anything useful by building another digi so close,
> or would I just be cluttering up the frequency?
> Thanks,
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