[aprssig] Marathon Pace Generator

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Mar 19 14:47:38 EDT 2013

Back in the 90’s, APRSdr was a version of APRSdos that would dead-reckon
any number of runners along a Marathon route that was drawn on the map in
purple.  Any object placed on the map on the purple line would begin to
move at the indicated pace along the route and these objects would be
updated and transmitted once a minute for the duration of the event.

I just programmed such a DR engine into a basic stamp.  Just two wires to a
TNC and it will generate a LEAD runner and a FEMALE lead on the map, moving
along at Marathon pace.  No muss, no fuss.

The value of this was 20 years ago at the start of APRS was for tracking
the lead male and female runners without having to outfit them with GPS.
It was usually just as accurate as GPS back when GPS would not guarantee
any better accuracy than 100 meters.   But even now, with most trackers
only updating at 1 minute report rates (+/- 30 seconds of error or about
420 feet), the DR object is just as good .  Im adding buttons on the box to
slightly increase or decrase the rates if reports from checkpoints appear
to be ahead or behind the pace.

During the Marathon this weekend, the organizers did not want a lead
bicycle, so looking at the map gave no clue where the LEAD was (only the

So as not to confuse everyone, Im going to use the object names of PACE for
the lead runner and PACE-F for the lead female.  Then possibly one more for
PACK which will have the typical average pace for typical marathons.

The set up for our marathon needed only 23 points to define the route.

Donno if anyone else would use this or not.  It can be just a dongle with a
DB9 connector for plugging into any TNC or Tracker.

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