[aprssig] Pirates on APRS IS

Charles Blackburn ai4ri at cfl.rr.com
Fri Mar 15 08:27:33 EDT 2013

RE: PKI services

you have at least one already, logbook of the world, while i absolutely 
hate that program to set up, it's ok to use once it is.

another thing you could do is verify it through say, QRZ especially the 
non-us ones as they have to be manually verified, before being accepted.

Now it might not work for all, but if they don't have a qrz entry you 
could flag it for manual verification. Tha twould at least cut down some 
of the workload on you Gregg.

basically you can do, want to be verified straight away? upload your 
public lotw certificate. EU users make sure you have an entry on qrz.com 
:) then anyone who's had verification through qrz you can just double 
check it.

just my tuppence


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