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John Hansen john at coastalchip.com
Sun Mar 10 14:30:35 EDT 2013

Thanks for the comments Perry.  I had not previously announced the TNC-Pi
version of the TNC-X on this group because I'm having  a bit of a problem
keeping up with demand on it (this should change in April).  TNC-Pi is a
plug in board for the Raspberry Pi.  It can be accessed using either a
serial connection or I2C allowing for multiple TNC-Pi boards to be stacked
on a single Raspberry Pi.  The firmware for TNC-Pi is based on the original
TNC-X firmware with modifications made by John Wiseman G8BPQ to
specifically support I2C communication.  Full information on the TNC-Pi can
be found at;


Fair warning:  While TNC-Pi is shipping (I've shipped about 100 of them
this weekend) there is a bit of a backlog on orders as I try to shovel
these out the door as fast as I can.  I am filling orders in the order that
they are received,

I'm mainly posting this to clarify that there is currently no backlog on
the original TNC-X.  They are available for immediate shipping.

Thanks for the bandwidth.

John W2FS

On Sun, Mar 10, 2013 at 2:05 PM, Perry Chamberlain <canoeman at qnet.com>wrote:

> I just ordered the tnc x, theres a bit of a back  log, due to unexpected
> interest in the board, but I think thats the way to go. I'm running my two
> dvaps on  two raspberry pi boards and a third set up in my RV now, and they
> work flawlessly. I even have the 2 meter dvap, on a pie, connected to my
> tmobile 4g hot spot. Life is good.
> I am looking forwad to my tnx x board, so I can pull my kantronics digi
> off the hill, and replace the set up with a 40 dollar board and a 35 dollar
> computer.
> Several hams have the linux aprs runnig already on the PI.
> The RPI is definitly a game changer.
> Ke6anm
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