[aprssig] Mammoth Cave APRS test update (7) (APRS)

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Feb 19 16:59:34 EST 2013

Mammoth Cave Radio Test (2 March) is approved. (Sunday too if needed).

Anyone else coming?  I need to  know asap wheter to plan on two teams or
just one.  So far, there are only 5 of us (able to walk) indicated as
going.  But we can still do the major objective of the test with one team
since I have gathered together, boxed up and tested at least seven D700
digipeaters.  Having D700 knowledge is important if we have to make
changes on the fly.

 I have reserved a room at the Hotel for as many people as can fit in 2
beds and the floor for anyone who wants to sleep over Friday or Saturday
night. (let me know).  Also there is plenty of room in the campground.
And if someone can get spaces #17, 18, or 19, they are right over the main
cave and may make an excellent place to do the HF penetration test.

If anyone in the Maryland/DC/VA area needs a ride, I will probably leave
at Noon on Friday from Annapolis and drive down arriving at 11 PM.  Then
begin the return about Noon on Sunday (12 hour drive).  Here's what I have
so far.

CALL   Name OK Lead APRS Fit Cave Eqp HT Digi comments
------ ---- -- ---- ---- --- ---- --- -- ---- -------------------------
WB4APR Bob   - Team1 Lead
KG4LVA             - Hotel Igate Operator
KG4GSQ            - HF test with  706    -
KY4JME Josh    - Igate backup
KD4ANG Jon   - Bringing5  D72
KI4RDDCharlie - in accident, observer


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