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 This article is hilarious!
 When I heard that the FCC allowed them to continue to investigate the system, way back when, I said any kindergarten level engineer knew it never should have gotten past the:     "Hey! Maybe we could...?  Naw.  Never mind! It won't work."  stage.
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From: Bob Burns W9BU <w9bu_lists at rlburns.net>

Just when you thought the LightSquared situation was over, Harbinger 
Capital Partners, and other investors who backed LightSquared, has 
filed a $1.9 billion (yes, billion with a "b") lawsuit against Deere 
& Company, Garmin International, and Trimble Navigation, plus the 
U.S. GPS Industry Council and the Coalition to Save Our GPS.

You can read more about the suit here:


Trimble has already announced that they will "vigorously" defend the suit.

Harbinger has also sued Dish Network Corp. and its chairman Charlie 
Ergen for $4 billion over allegedly improper purchases of 
LightSquared debt. Ergen reportedly bid over $2 billion last month to 
buy LightSquared.

LightSquared filed for reorganization under Chapter 11 of the U.S. 
Bankruptcy Code in May 2012.


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