[aprssig] APRS Runner Tracking

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Aug 7 15:54:01 EDT 2013

>> Set your position to your checkpoint.  Then each time you want to
>> report a particular runner number, just change the MYCALL of the radio
>> to the runner number...

> Interesting idea but you won't catch me doing it and
> that's because you're forgetting that the radio stores data
>  in flash memory which has a finite lifetime.  I prefer
>  not to wear out the flash memory in my radio prematurely

Hummh.  I have about 8 or so D7's between my oriingal prototype and all
the ones at work, and so the age is from 15 years old to about 10 years
old, and not one of them has failed for anything, though  several have no
control knob from having bounced on concrete numerous times.

> It all gets stored in flash which wears out.

Yes, but 100,000 cycles is sure a long long time.  Let say 20 entries per
marathon 5 marathons a year, that is about 1000 years life.  I doubt even
Kenwood will be around then...


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