[aprssig] APRS Runner Tracking

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> An all new APRS capability was suggested by  Daniel KB3MUN for tracking
> some runners at APRS events.
> Set your position to your checkpoint.  Then each time you want to report a
> particular runner number, just change the MYCALL of the radio to the runner
> number.  Just 3 key strokes, MENU, APRS,MYCALL and then bump up or down the
> runner number.  Done

Interesting idea but you won't catch me doing it and that's because 
you're forgetting that the radio stores data in flash memory which has a 
finite lifetime.  I prefer not to wear out the flash memory in my radio 
prematurely and end up with a nice repair bill or worse a radio that I 
can never edit a setting again because the parts aren't available anymore.

Same thing goes for any other frequent editing of parameters.  It all 
gets stored in flash which wears out.

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