[aprssig] Best format for a Repeater Item

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Apr 24 16:03:11 EDT 2013

> I'm currently sending the same as another repeater in my area.
>  Is there a standard item format for a repeater?

)145.250!4833.53N/12307.05Wr/A=000840t131.8 N7JN

There sure is, and that, unfortunately, is not it.  See

The format above  does not include PHG so that the repeaters range can be
automatically plotted, and the TONE is not in the correct location nor
format so that APRS radios can automatically set it.  Nor does it contain
a text version of the range, nor the weekly net times, nor the monthly
club meeting dates.  All of these can fit in the standardized 28 byte

Hope that helps.

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