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Lynn W. Deffenbaugh (Mr) ldeffenb at homeside.to
Mon Apr 15 09:33:26 EDT 2013

If you can run your own local IGate on an alternate frequency, there's a 
new MT-400 from VHS Products. From the MicroTrak Yahoo group on 4/3/2013:

> I have just placed a photo in the photo section of the group of the new MT-400. This is the first completed prototype, and we expect to have them in stock about the end of May. This replaces the single channel MT-300.The MT-400 ( so named because of its 400 mW+ output) is frequency agile, and offers a connector to mate with the Byonics GPS-4, high altitude OEM GPS(PCB level product; no magnet or plastic case) which will switch the GPS on prior to a scheduled transmission, and  massively increase the run time on any given power supply. The board has mounting pads for a DB-9, which will be included, but not mounted, since many of you will not want the weight or bulk of the DB-9. It is set up to allow programming through the DB-9 connector ( or the through-holes mounted next to the pads) and like most TT3 style devices, the DB-9 is wired with the TR and RX pins swapped, and +5 power out of the DB-9, so its plug and play compatible with the GPS-2 and GPS-4 ( And most other serial GPS receivers for that matter) This meas you will still need a null modem/gender changer cable for programming. Power through the DB-9 connector is not switched. The board measures 3.910 long by 1 inch wide.Even with all the improvements over the old MT-300, we expect the price to be comparable. The MT-400 will be able to run any of the software Byon writes for the PIC 16F1827, so you will be able to downlaod a WxTrak, FOX, and TinyPack version when/if they are available and reload the software to different versions as often as you wish.
> 73,
> Allen AF6OF

And the photo:


My first APRS device was an MT-300 which was a complete mistake for 
terrestrial use on the national frequency, but I could see such a 
tracker being very applicable on a dedicated frequency for quad copter 
tracking.  You could even have multiple trackers on different copters 
sharing a local frequency w/local IGate support, possibly even a 
cross-frequency digipeater?  The key to low power is local line-of-sight 
between transmitter and receiver and a non-busy channel to remove 

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

On 4/13/2013 9:25 PM, Andrew Rich wrote:
> Hello
> Getting into quad copters
> What is small and suitable ?
> Maybe some HAB gear ?
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> Andrew Rich
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