[aprssig] Repeater object recommendation? (was Creating and maintaining a repeater object (RANT))

Keith VE7GDH ve7gdh at rac.ca
Sat Sep 22 16:26:54 EDT 2012

Greg KO6TH wrote...

> I would like to cause a repeater object... I run a 24x7 bi-directional
> iGate at my home (using Lynn's APRSIS32 software), which is about
> 4mi NW of the repeater site. It's a fairly low level installation
> (5w, 20' AGL J-pole antenna). We are in hilly country, and I'm at
> the bottom of a valley, so most of the traffic that I gate to IS comes
> from the main high level Digi in the area, K6FGA-1 which is a bit
> over 20mi NE of me on a mountain top in a different city...

Ideally, the object would be sent directly from a digi. Ideally, the
digi would be at the repeater site and have similar coverage. You
indicated that it was unlikely that a digi would be added there.
That's too bad. It could even share the same antenna that the
repeater is using if the repeater was on the top end of the band.
However, the next best would be for the closest digi to source
the object. If that can't be done, and there isn't anyone else
better positioned, then go ahead and create the object... with
a one hop path using specifically the digi that has coverage
the most like the coverage of the repeater. Make sure it is
formatted correctly so all tune / QSY radios can use it...
specify the frequency, the tone if needed AND the offset so
the Yaesu radios can use it as well as the Kenwoods. See
the APRSIS32 support group (that's for Lynn's program, not
the APRS-IS) for specifics on how to create the object and
specify the path.

You could also send the object direct with no path at all. Whether
that was useful or not depends on your range. If the repeater is
the same height as you, it might be the best option. If the repeater
is much higher and has a much bigger footprint than your APRS
station, then via the digi might be the best option... but only if
the repeater can be worked within most of the coverage area
of the digi.

So... why can't a digi be installed at the repeater site? It already
has power and an antenna. If the repeater is on the bottom end of
the band, there could be some desensing, but if it is in the top end
of the band, you would only need another duplexer to have it
share the antenna. I know, duplexers aren't cheap. it all depends
on whether it's easier to share the antenna or to install a new one.

73 es cul - Keith VE7GDH
"I may be lost, but I know exactly where I am!"

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