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Fri Oct 19 15:21:48 EDT 2012

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> From: Robert Bruninga
> Sent: Friday, October 19, 2012 11:55 AM
> There is nothing in ham radio that DENIES service to someone using a
> tactical callsign except CQSRVR.  This seems to violate the principal of
> least astonishment.

Not true but continue with your misinformation.

> > Making contacts using non-unique tactical callsigns
> > for JOTA are worthless...
> But it should not be your responsibility to pre-conceive how everyone in
> APRS might use their station in an events.  You cannot possibly pre-assume
> how every operator on the Planet might want to use such a valuable tool as
> CQSRVR to call CQ to a group.

I don't "pre-assume" (sic) anything.  I state that to call CQ using CQSRVR, which I own and operate, you must use an amateur radio callsign.  It is simple and ensures callsign uniqueness in a world-wide communications network which your -tactical- (look up the definition) callsigns do not.
> And why-oh-why do we have to educate 40,000 users out there in the real
> world just-tyring-to-communicate to have to remember such trivial
> distinctions?

Such trivial distinctions as you must use your unique amateur radio callsign to call CQ on an amateur radio frequency (APRS-IS' primary purpose is to interconnect APRS on amateur radio RF).  Sorry Bob, say what you will but to say that CQSRVR is not doing exactly what it is designed to do is to knowingly lie about it to further your own opinion.

End of thread.  You made an incorrect statement which I directly refuted.  Leave it at that and let the hams use whatever service they want without your denigration.


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