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WD8ARZ wd8arz at ix.netcom.com
Thu Oct 11 17:19:51 EDT 2012

Solid State Geiger Sensor - After some experience, I think there is a 
future here, but not yet at the hobby level / cost.

Sites / projects I have checked out dont measure up to what a pancake 
sensor does in the better Geiger counters today.

Solid state have more noise, and temperture drift affects that noise, 
thus performance.

However, a cell phone camera sensor can be used as a sensor. It has the 
above performance limitations, and different makes and models are all 
over the map. Once advantage is each pixal is a detector, thus it can 
count multiple hits at the same time.

Here is a link to an app I have tested on my Epic 4g off and on for 
about a year. It was useful to find a hot part in an assymble, where a 
commercial Geiger was to sensitive to isolate a part out of an assembly. 
It is also better than nothing, but not by much .... hi hi  Frequently 
temp drift and noise makes it difficult to measure back ground levels.

My phone has several APRS programs installed, and I am sure the output 
of this could feed those, but I dont consider the readings to be 
reliable enough to bother.


The REAL *RadioactivityCounter* App is working on *Android and Apple iOS 
*mobile phones, based on their internal camera sensors. NO EXTRA 
hardware is be required.<./html/radioactivity.html>

This App is *not* one of those numerous "fun apps", but a true, really 
working radiation detector. We already did measurements for certain 
devices using professional equipment at the Helmholtz Research Center 
Munich, the scale we used for testing starts at several 2-10 µGy/h up to 
10 Gy/h (about 10Sv/h) with the latest measurements. More infos and 
instructions are now available on video. Updated infos about how to 
cover the lenses. We work on radiation measurements below 1 µSv/h. See 
*FAQ pages* <./html/radioa_faq.html> for information on what can be 
measured and what is difficult or cannot be measured. Please have a look 
at our video <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJcOq5sLxPo> on the adjust 
menu, we will make this calibration procedure much easier in the near 
future. *iPhone5 update is in work.*



73 from Bill - WD8ARZ

On 10/10/2012 5:46 PM, joe jesson wrote:
>    A Cheaper option is to take a selected photodiode, or power transistor, shield it from light, amplify, detect and display and you have a very low-cost alpha, beta, and gamma RAD display.
> Elektor has published an excellent series of articles on this and sells a kit and I have a commercial cell/sat-based solution to sensing RAD on a mobile asset.  APRS is a GREAT emergency backup to sensing radiation!
>   I will post links if interested.  Also look at the 1,000's of RAD sensors on the COSM network and see what the Japanese engineers have done as a response to the nuclear disaster. What we learned from this crisis is not to trust you government!
> 73,
> Joe Jesson
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