[aprssig] Planned APRS Activity And Mobile Frequencies by WD8ARZ

WD8ARZ wd8arz at ix.netcom.com
Sun Nov 18 09:00:59 EST 2012

While mobile and portable, these are the voice frequencies I will try 
and operate / monitor on. They are plugged into memory making it easy 
while in motion to change memories from the mike. Will plug in other 
frequencies once destinated that others have recommended. Am planning on 
running MarsAle from time to time after destination in TN has been 
reached - base and mobile Ale planned from time to time.

Rig is TS-480 HX running 200 watts into a HiQ 5-160 screwdriver antenna. 
Antenna shunt is a Shunt-100.

Auto tuning is done by a N2VZ Enterprises Turbo Tuner.

Vehicle battery isolation control is done by a APO3 Timing / Voltage 
configured relay - Also keeps power off equipment during starting.

Ham equipment is ran full time off a separate 100 a/Hr Gel battery. Gel 
battery is charged / isolated from vehicle using a Super PWRgate PG40S. 
Power distribution uses the RIGrunner 4008 which provides over / under 
voltage alarm, multiple fused power pole connections, and reverse 
polarity protection.

Will be running APRS on two meters. WD8ARZ-9 from mobile rig (TMD-700A), 
and from time to time WD8ARZ-5 from Epic 4G smart phone. Just google the 
call and choose the APRS server to acquire information - will some times 
post frequency of operation this way.

Also will be feeding Geiger Counter radiation readings to the 
http://www.radiationnetwork.com/ radiation map.

Plan on using Skycommand from time to time using the above gear from my 
HT (TH-D7A). HT HF operation is KooL. HI

Can keep an eye on the home QTH and weather using various camera's 
inside and outside, and to Satellite Channels - Alarm system active and 
house sitter active too ...

73 from Bill - WD8ARZ

   1996.0   LSB Primary Late Evening / Night
   3845.0   LSB Qsy Late Afternoon / Night - Qsy Here From Primary
   3885.0   AM  From time to time Late Afternoon / Night
   3996.0   LSB Primary Late Afternoon / Night
   5371.5   LSB Primary Anytime
   5403.5   LSB Any Time - Qsy Here From Primary
   7185.5   LSB Any Time - - Qsy Here From Primary
   7258.0   LSB Primary Metcars with Net Control during the day
   7296.0   LSB Any Time - Qsy Here From Primary
10136.5   USB Any Time - Qsy Here From Primary
14342.5   USB Primary Daytime
14346.0   USB Day Time - Qsy Here From Primary
18117.5   USB Day Time - Qsy Here From Primary
18157.5   USB Primary Daytime
21432.5   USB Day Time - Qsy Here From Primary
21437.5   USB Primary Daytime
24932.0   USB Day Time - Qsy Here From Primary
24977.5   USB Primary Daytime
28312.5   USB Day Time - Qsy Here From Primary
28327.5   USB Primary Daytime

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