[aprssig] Cross-Band smart digi/tracker with argent data radios

recompiler recompiler at gmail.com
Tue Nov 13 19:29:32 EST 2012

 I am trying to have a cross-band APRS smart digi/tracker.

I currently run T2-301 radio/tnc with ADS-GM1 GPS receiver on
144.390mhz. The local area uses 144.990mhz for aprs.

I picked up a T3-301 and another ADS-GM1 GPS.

 I could run them side by side with separate antennas etc. What I
really want to be able to do is to use only 1 GPS and to use the
serial cable splitter and feed the data from 1 into another.

Essentially I'm thinking T3-301 with serial splitter, GPS on 1 serial,
the other serial feeding into T2-301. Would it work/how do I make it

-- Vlad G.
(201) 783-7501

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